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The Ice Cream Farm! A treat trip! on PhotoPeach

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IMG_9282 from Miss Bergin on Vimeo.

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Islam Day! on PhotoPeach

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School Grounds Leaves! on PhotoPeach

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How to make a Minibeast Den! on PhotoPeach

More Minibeast Dens! on PhotoPeach

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Daddy cool! on PhotoPeach

Father’s day is for remembering how much we love the male role models in our lives. We have discussed that even though our family structures may differ, our love for ‘dad’ is still as strong. Thank you to all our dads, grandads, uncles and male family friends. Y2a.

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Pond Dipping! on PhotoPeach

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Happy 90th Birthday, Your Majesty! on PhotoPeach

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The Amazing Thing on PhotoPeach

Year 2 visited the Blue Box theatre this morning and it was such a thrilling experience. Thank you to Chorlton High School and The Lempen Puppet Theatre Company for this amazing experience to celebrate Chorlton Arts Festival.

What was your favourite part of the morning?

Miss Bergin.

Courtesy of http://www.lempen.co.uk/

As I was walking down the beach, one bright and sunny day,
I saw a great big wooden box, a-floating in the bay.
I pulled it in and opened it up, and there to my surprise,
I discovered a … ?.. ? .. ? right before my eyes!”

What’s in the box? A strange and weird thing?
Something terrible , or a thing of beauty?

Storytelling, Peter Grimm opens the box to find the ‘Thing’ that takes him on an unusual journey that weaves it’s way through a medley of well known Brother Grimms’ tales, to finally unlock his imagination and free his stories.
A truly original story told with puppets, acting and live music. Fun, inspiration and delight for all the family.

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Killer Whale Powerpoint from tafoster

Hello everyone,

I can see how fascinated you all are with orcas at the moment so I would love you to post your knowledge, questions and even exclamation sentences (!) on here for us all to share. Mr Alderdice is also interested in why we are researching these incredible creatures and what we know about them. Can you reply to him please? I’ve embedded a slideshow (curtesy of slideshare.net) to start us off!

Miss B.

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iPad Research in Literacy on PhotoPeach

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Volcanoes! on PhotoPeach

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Our Brilliant Brookburn Bonnet Bash! on PhotoPeach

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Egg-spressing our colourful personalities with this egg-straordinary craft! on PhotoPeach

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Sport Relief! on PhotoPeach

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Y2 Skipathon! on PhotoPeach

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Mr Alderdice, our Computing leader, has set up a Quadblogging initiative with all our school blog and the aim is that everyone visits the focus blog in one particular week. We will leave positive comments about the children’s learning in that class, either as a whole class or as individuals at home. Last week, we all visited Miss Taylor’s class blog and we congratulated them on the incredible learning throughout their Ancient Greek topic.

This week, our focus blog is Y4a and this is Mr Sumner’s class.

Can you visit their class blog from home? Can you comment on something on their blog that takes your interest? Remember, only use your first name and be polite, positive & purposeful (use good English and check your SP, P & GR!)

Miss B.

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In Literacy next week, we will be studying a folk tale from Bengal called Jamil’s clever cat. Can you describe the cat that you can see in the photograph? His name is Sardul and he lives with his owner Jamil, who is a poor weaver.

Miss B.

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We <3 to read! on PhotoPeach

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Read all about it! on PhotoPeach

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Who can do the hula hula for the longest time?
Hula hula! on PhotoPeach

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This is the presentation used behind children as they performed in our assembly. It has been created using presentation software called Prezi, which is a fantastic tool and allows users to zoom in and out of frames to tell a story.

If it doesn’t fit on your screen, you can pan & zoom freely to adjust.


Miss B

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IMG_0728 from Miss Bergin on Vimeo.

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It was sad from Miss Bergin on Vimeo.

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IMG_0726 from Miss Bergin on Vimeo.

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Gymnastics from Miss Bergin on Vimeo.

I promised a parent that I would share this with her on the blog as she missed the opening of our assembly. It’s an absolute pleasure to share and support our classmates with their individual skills, interests and hobbies. Therefore, we feel very proud that our assembly allowed us to showcase many of these wonderful talents!

Miss B.

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Wow! This is is a snapshot from Brookburn’s newsletter this week.

Well done children, you’re hard work has been recognised by many.

Well done:-)

Miss B.

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A fact-filled and fun-filled display by Y2a! on PhotoPeach

This is a mini-museum showcasing all of our fabulous work on the Titanic. We displayed paintings, sketches, written reports, photographs from the Maritime Museum, models and ‘old-fashioned’ photographs of us as passengers.

We hope you enjoyed looking at all our wonderful work.

Year 2a & Miss B.

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DT (Dazzling Titanics!) on PhotoPeach

Here are the wonderful Titanic models made by our children and parents during the half term holiday. I am sure that you’ll all agree that they are absolutely fabulous and time has been taken to think about the structure, shape, design, colour and detail of each one.

I am super impressed with all the hard work that has gone into these models- well done.

Can we praise each other on our different approaches and the overall outcome?

Miss B.

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Our beautiful costumes! on PhotoPeach

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class assembly

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In role as Titanic passengers on PhotoPeach

These are the truly wonderful photographs of the children in ‘costume’ as passengers from the Titanic.

If you were on the Titanic, what would your name be?

Why were you travelling to New York?

Did you have any family onboard?

I’d be interested to hear about your ‘character’.

Miss B.

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More from the Marvellous Merseyside Maritime Museum trip on Monday! on PhotoPeach

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We had a terrific time at the Titanic exhibition! on PhotoPeach

We had a fantastic time during our trip to the Merseyside Maritime Museum today.

I am particularly impressed by how knowledgeable and inquisitive our children are. They ask interesting and thoughtful questions to dig well beneath the surface of the topic (they certainly don’t settle for shallow answers!)

Children were also very well behaved, independent and full of enthusiasm.

All in all, it was a TITANIC success! Also, a TITANIC thank you to all our lovely parent helpers- we couldn’t have done it without you!

More photographs to follow…

Miss B

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International Day! on PhotoPeach

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A HUGE thank you to Josie’s Dad and Owen’s Mum for their fantastic skills and wonderful sense of humour in the cooking room yesterday!

Year 2:-)

WP_20160211_11_55_07_Pro from Miss Bergin on Vimeo.

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Come flip with me! on PhotoPeach

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WP_20160209_11_02_50_Pro from Miss Bergin on Vimeo.

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IMG_7657 copy

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Mr Wright has retired, who will measure up? on PhotoPeach

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In Science, we have been looking at the human body, including the many bones and muscles in our feet and how these aid our balance. From this, we began discussing what broken bones look like and how they are healed. We even looked at some bone X-rays!

This is a picture of little Miss B when I had a broken arm. Have you, or anyone in your family, ever broken a bone? I know Alicia in our class can certainly comment about her sister Ella!

I’d love to hear your stories.

Miss B. x


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Well done you two! x


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IMG_7634 copy

IMG_7635 copy

Well done to all our Y2 children, who produced some outstanding artwork on the Titanic. We studied the work of William Stöwer, a German artist who specialised in drawings and paintings of famous maritime events such as the sinking of the RMS Titanic n 1912. We managed to replicate an amazing sense of perspective (the boat sinking) using a view finder and our great observational skills.

We hope you enjoy our artwork as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Year 2 🙂

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Does anyone else think these resources look like chips with ketchup?
The other shot is of our mini-egg maths!
Perhaps it is just the way my brain thinks! #makingconnections #foodie



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A short video aimed at parents to give outline information about the new National Curriculum tests. Video created by Michael Tidd @MichaelT1979

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I am known as Miss B and my address is @che1sea21

The l in my first name is a number 1.

Thank you!

Miss B

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Titanic Research! on PhotoPeach

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Hello everyone!

One of our lovely parents had a great idea of putting the requirements for Year 2 Mathematics on here. She thought it would be helpful for you all to know so you can help your child at home e.g. chanting times tables on the way to school or quick fire calculations over breakfast!

Here are a few we are currently working on in class:

To count in steps of 2, 3, and 5 from 0, and in 10s from any number, forward and backward.

2. To recall and use addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently, and derive and use related facts up to 100.

3. To recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables, including recognising odd and even numbers.

I hope this helps!

Miss B

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The Titanic will be our class topic in the new year. What would you like to know? How would you like to find out? Post your thoughts and suggestions below.

Miss B:-)

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Merry Christmas EVERYONE!! on PhotoPeach

Here are some photos from the day of our Christmas party. We had lots of fun! 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful support this term. We could not do this without the kind, committed and continuous backing from our great parents. We would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Miss B.x

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Andy Warhol was an American artist and a leading figure in the development of pop art.

It was during the 1960s that Warhol began to make paintings of iconic American objects such as dollar bills, Campbell’s Soup Cans, Coca-Cola bottles and celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

In 1987, Warhol created a painting called Moonwalk, which had an astronaut on the moon wearing a bright pink spacesuit!

The successful Apollo 11 mission was also in the 60’s (1969), so we decided to create some artwork of the Communication module (the spacecraft that Michael Collins spent time in whilst Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon), but in the style of Andy Warhol.

We sketched our own spacecraft, outlined the image and then Miss B decreased the size and copied them 4 times. Finally, we used colouring pencils to shade in different parts of module with contrasting colours. We repeated the image many times using different colours.

We love our space themed pop art as the display looks so bright and bold.

Y2a ☺

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Search for a Star! on PhotoPeach

We performed our Key Stage One Christmas Production today. It was entitled, ‘Search for a Star,’ although I think we can all agree that we found many more SUPERSTARS than just the one! Our talent contest was called ‘Strictly The Voice of X factor meets Bethlehem’s Got Talent…’ and during our search we met a young pregnant Jewish girl called Mary, a carpenter called Joseph, a Roman Emperor, an actual Christmas star and three Kings of the Orient. We also met a STAR cast of 120 children and a great crew of teachers and teaching assistants. As the Year 1/2 Phase Leader, I couldn’t be more proud of you all! Also, the great posiitve feedback from our children’s parents was AMAZING! It was lovely to see you all bursting with pride and having so much support over the past few weeks has made all the difference.

What was your favourite song?

Are you ready for love?
Waiting for a star to fall
Little Donkey
King Seekers
Let’s Go
Silent Night (Instrumental)

Please reply with your favourite scene, character, or song.

I’d be interested to hear your comments!

Miss B. x

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I would like to clarify the time of our morning showing of the KS1 Christmas production on Tuesday 1st December, which will go ahead at 9.30am.

Considering the children have had very little time to prepare, I am incredibly impressed by the way they have learned the lyrics and actions to the songs .

I look forward to welcoming you all on Tuesday and I would like to thank you for your invaluable support.

Miss B. x

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Can you practise the following song for our Christmas play, entitled ‘Search for a Star!’ The lyrics for the parts we are learning are posted below and I bet your parents will know the tune!

Happy singing!

Miss B.x

Trying to catch your heart
Is like trying to catch a star
So many people love you, baby
That must be what you are

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That’s where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

Trying to catch your heart is like
Trying to catch a star
But I can’t love you this much, baby
And love you from this far

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That’s where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

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When Columbus made landfall in the Caribbean, he believed it to be Asia, which was his intended destination. This video provides us with a snapshot of his life. What can you tell me about him? What have you remembered? What can we learn from Christopher Columbus and his travels?

Miss B.

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Dramatic Instructions! on PhotoPeach

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Our two Singaporean visitors, Mrs Jasmine Lim and Mr Edwin Wan had an amazing and well rounded experience at Brookburn last week. They were particularly complimentary about our staff, who they described as one big, loving family! They felt that what we lack in warmth (weather wise), we definitely make up for in the warmth of our smiles! Our children, they noted, were hardworking, driven & passionate about achieving well, which they say is a credit to our hugely reflective and perceptive approach to teaching and learning. In their words, they felt ‘welcomed and belonged’ to the team at Brookburn and they couldn’t wait to share all their insightful and enriching experiences with the staff back at Yio Chu Kang Primary School.

We have loved sharing our school with them! Thank you to Y2a, who also worked incredibly hard during the lesson they observed. They could not believe they were watching children of 6 or 7 years old at work!

Well done!

Miss Bergin.

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Hi everyone,

It would be great if you could comment on another class blog this week.
It’s always interesting to see what other classes are doing and congratulating them on their hard work and achievements.

I am sure if we do this for them then they will soon return the favour!

Have fun!

Miss B.

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Spaceship sketches! on PhotoPeach

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For her mature contributions to our class discussions about Children in Need and Remembrance Day.
Well done Millie!


For his immaculate behaviour and eagerness to pay attention, listen well and do his absolute best. Well done Ibraheem!

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I need a hero! on PhotoPeach

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Little Chefs! on PhotoPeach

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Kayden for his amazing science work. You made great predictions based on your knowledge and understanding of the world around us.
Joanna for really improving her confidence in Maths. You are not afraid to jump in and have a go, even when the going gets tough! Well done Kayden & Joanna.
Miss B.

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An extraordinary visitor! on PhotoPeach

We love Mr B! on PhotoPeach

Today we had a very special visitor in our class! Mr B and his friend Space Ted came to see us and told us all about their adventures in space. We moon walked to the hall and learnt about gravity through a virtual space adventure. We also tried on Mr B’s space helmet and shot some rockets!

We had lots of fun. Thank you Mr B and Space Ted!

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Year 2 will be cooking next week so it would be very kind of you to make a voluntary contribution of 50p towards the ingredients.

Many thanks,

Miss B.


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Are you going to any organised displays this evening?

What is your favourite firework?

Can you think of any words that actually sound like the word itself? This is called onomatopoeia. Here is an example: Whoosh!

Miss B

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Can we slow down the speed of a falling object? on PhotoPeach

This week in Science, we have been looking at ways in which we can change the pull of gravity on a falling object. We made paper and card helicopters and compared the time it took for them to fall depending on their size and the material they were made from. We had so much fun! 🙂

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2nd November 2015

Dear Parents,

Please could you help us to gather some materials together for our Science experiments over the following few weeks?

Here is a list of the materials:

• Bin bags & plastic bags
• String
• Small cardboard boxes e.g. egg cartons, cereal boxes etc.
• Small plastic containers e.g. yogurt pots, tubs for fruit and butter etc.
• Bubble wrap or other protective packaging

We really appreciate your support,

Miss B


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When the PTA Christmas card project came along I couldn’t resist taking an order form home for my nephews, Kyle and Sam. The footprint painting was a little chaotic but I think the completed design looks very cute!

Remember, the cards need to be returned to school by Tuesday 3rd November so they are ready to be sent to the printing company on Friday 6th November.

From the size of the footprints on my card below, how old do you think my nephews are?

Miss B.


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Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a lovely half term holiday!

Here is a picture of Mr B, the spaceman, who will touch down at Brookburn next Friday.
What would you like to ask him? Can you write a question on here? I am sure you are very interested in his extraordinary job!

Miss B*

(*I am not married to an astronaut! We just share the same surname initial!)


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Jenna for giving everything her best shot! Well done Jenna!
Kiana for her role model behaviour. Go Kiana!

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Christmas comes early! on PhotoPeach

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Whatever floats your boat! on PhotoPeach

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What are your plans for the half term holiday?

Will you visit family, go camping or explore the outdoors? Will you go ‘trick or treating’, get arty at home or play with friends? Will you bake, make models, ride your bike or watch your favourite TV show? Will you go swimming, have a tea party, go shopping or simply relax at home?

Let me know what your plans are!

Miss B.

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There’s method in our Mathematics! on PhotoPeach

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Glitter Text Maker

In Year 2a:

Abigail: Blogstar Superstar! (Computing Award)
Aurelia: Lunchtime Organiser Award
Ayman: Maths Whizz (Mathematics Award for Outstanding Achievement)
Alicia: Outstanding Conduct Award
Theo: Pupil Choice Award
Taylor: Teaching Assistant’s Award for Outstanding Achievement

Well done children!

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Glitter Text Maker

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This is the main body of a letter, which was created in class on Friday. It was sent to Mr M.Eany and his response is posted below. Why is he so disappointed? Can you spot the errors that he is talking about? What would you change?

Miss B.

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Anti-bullying Week this year is on 16-20th November and the theme is: ‘Make a Noise about bullying’. Due to the growing success of the ‘Design a T-shirt’ competition, the Manchester Healthy Schools programme are running a city-wide competition inviting all Manchester schools to take part in creating a design based on this year’s theme. Nearly a quarter of children do not tell anyone if they are being bullied, so Y2a have been creating a design based on empowering children and young people to report bullying whether it’s happening to them or someone else.

Can you post some suggestions below about what to do if you are being bullied, or you suspect someone else is? What does bullying mean?

Visit us soon to see some of the amazing anti-bullying posters that Y2a have done.

Miss B

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Hello everyone.

This is just a post to reassure you about the homework in Year 2. We set homework to show what we have been learning to do in class. It should also allow children to practise and consolidate their learning. We do not expect every part of the homework to be completed, as long as children give it a good go! e.g. 10 out of the 20 sums or a few sentences as oppose to a whole page. Children can do as much or as little as they can and this will always be valued and acknowledged. We want homework to be a communication tool and not a grind for busy parents! We also appreciate that the weekend is spent on other enjoyable tasks that enrich children’s learning, whether that’s a visit to a museum or other physical/creative tasks that our children love to do.

A huge thank you for all your support,

Miss B.

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Mini-coders! on PhotoPeach

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